Give Back to Communties
" Life is like a movie and we choose what kind of role we want to play in it." - CCR
  1. Goal
    Our project sets its goal to put a spark in memory that will empower a generation to give love unconditionally. Join us to make a difference.
  2. Mission
    To inspire and motivate a generation to love one and another without question whether or not we are worthy.
  3. Share Your Story
    Share Your Story
    Do you have any interesting and inspiring life story to share to the world? If you have, then we want to hear YOUR story and we turn into life moive screen.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director



Over 200 volunteers who give their time and determined support – our team is one of the most powerful and passionate groups dedicated to changing the world. The team is a group of talented adults and children based in Phoenix, Arizona who have teamed up to make the LIFE project to the big screen. 
Through our hard-working, efforts, the passionate LIFE Team, LIFE project has attracted over 500 supporters including children, teens, adults and senior citizens.



   ​Not just create a message through writing and movie, CCR also builds a great team to get avolved with the project as well as awards kids, encourage them to persuade their dream, learn to share, love, support others globally like brothers and sisters as well as a good role model for the next generation
   From time to time of non-stop pursuing, CCR found a way to turn her passion into a business to meet her needs as well as helping comunities. Currently, CCR is proudly serving more than 1000 clients cross the universe to reach their dream.




IN 2010

We aim to produce a film with an inspirational life story. The idea was inspired by true  events. The film will be wholly objectives and the subjects will be allowed to discuss what we really want in life. Love is all we need. Love always is. 
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